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About Mach 5,

I started Mach 5 Productions officially in 2017 when I launched the main website, www.siegeofm5.com. It started as just an idea to have an entity under which I could house all my creative endeavors, and has since evolved into just that. I focus primarily on photography and music production, but I also shoot video and serve as a musician at my church.

On this site, you'll find my professional portfolio displaying some of my work from the past few years. I have worked as a photographer for multiple companies and businesses, and have had the privilege to shoot independently for a wide variety of events, weddings, concerts, and more.

Although music is my first love, I have developed an equally potent passion for photography. It is my mission to consistently provide high quality products as well as high quality experiences. Every opportunity to capture a moment in any capacity is an honor in my book. That being said, consider Mach 5 Productions for your next occasion! 

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Carl J. Byers, Owner

Mach 5 Productions

"Quality. Precision. Art."


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